6th May 2018 – TICNIC Ride for Tourettes


The 2nd annual TICNIC Ride for Tourette's

Sunday 6th May 2018

For sponsorship enquiries and registration information visit:  https://ticnicride.wixsite.com/ticnicride

or the Facebook page 'The Ticnic Ride for Tourette's'

The TICNIC Ride for Tourette's is an annual event held each year to coincide with Tourette Syndrome awareness week.

The ride and a Mycause fundraising are set to raise $30,000 each year, which is the cost of running the Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia [TSAA] annual camp.

This camp let's children and families affected by Tourette's get to talk and meet with people in similar situations. In some cases meeting others with TS for the first time. When my family attended camp in 2015, it was the first time my husband, who was 40 at the time, had ever met anyone else with TS apart from our son! it was also a fabulous chance for our son to feel 'normal', as everyone was ticcing without people staring, and without being bullied by other children.

The camp offers a chance to be amongst a large group  of people with varying degrees of TS, it offers the children the chance to see what others go through, and to ask questions about how others cope. it also offers families the chance to discuss treatment options, successes and failures, as well as the general feeling of belonging to a community, rather than feeling alone.

Help us if you can, you can donate here at our Mycause fundraising page. We only need 1000 kind hearted souls to donate $30 each to reach our goal.

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