Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week 6-12 May 2018


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Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder for which there is no known cure. Awareness, understanding and acceptance are our key strategies to improve the quality of life for those with TS. TSAA is the only organisation in Australia committed to supporting people affected by Tourette Syndrome. TSAA is a volunteer-run, self-funded registered charity.

After 29 years of campaigning and spreading awareness most people in the community have now heard the term ‘Tourettes’—but few have a true understanding of what it means and how they can help someone with Tourette Syndrome manage their condition.


A series of thought provoking posters and social media tiles create an empathetic, eye-catching campaign. We want to delve into the issues of what people with TS face on a daily basis and what their ‘normal’ is.

By presenting daily routine activities aligned with symptoms of TS and subsquent behaviours of others with the cyclic metaphor – eat, sleep, tic, repeat – the relentless nature of living with Tourettes is portrayed.

Powerful images with different words describing tics help people understand what a normal daily routine is. At the same time, knowledge of the extensive variety and individuality of tics is increased through blank versions to fill in with one’s own symptoms.

We aim to break the stigma of TS and illustrate how tedious the cycle of the condition can be on a regular basis. Breaking the stigma will lower the side effects that are associated with TS such as stress, anxiety and depression.

This campaign is aimed at:
• Families, to gain greater insight of what it is like for their parent, child or sibling to have TS.
• Friends, to gain a deeper understanding to help their friend feel more accepted.
• The General Public, to break the stigma when people become educated on the condition.
• Educators, to share with the school principal, teacher, and include in the school newsletter.
• General Practitioners, to be used in the waiting room and by GP’s to keep on hand to assist future patients.
• Community Groups, to be placed in local libraries and community centres.

Gaining even a basic understanding of TS will decrease the likelihood of making dismissive comments about it, joking about it, or making comments that are likely to damage perceptions of TS.


Posters with various tics, symptoms or side effects of TS emphasise the unique, changeable and extensive range of symptoms.

Click on each poster to download, print and use in your community.  The posters with blank spaces are for you to add your individual tics or topic to share your personal story of life with Tourettes.

Click on each poster to download or hover over them to reveal share options.





Social media tiles with repetitive lists of symptoms to share and repost to create an extensive and comprehensive list of the individual cases of TS throughout Australia.

By sharing the enormous range of symptoms, stigma and misinformation will be broken down, generating greater understanding, empathy and acceptance of TS

Share your tics and topics about TS and invite others to continue the dialogue.

Download the set here or share the individual tiles below—hover over them to reveal share options.




TSAA_MALES_4X_18   TSAA_1in100_18




Download the full campaign package here.


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The 2018 awareness campaign was designed by students at Billy Blue Design School: Stephanie Whitehouse and Jessica Lenton. TSAA would like to thank Steph and Jess for their creative output and input for social good!

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