The Disability Royal Commission want to hear your story by December 2022

Have you experienced challenges such as unfair treatment, discrimination, limited access to education, employment or NDIS support because of your neurological condition? The Royal Commission was set up in response to reports of mistreatment of people with a disability. It will make recommendations to government to improve laws, policies, structures, and practices to protect people

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2022 Camp bookings OPEN!

Participants from all over the country have been attending TS camps since 2013. These 2 day camps give families and individuals an opportunity to take time out and share challenges and triumphs together. Subsidies are available. All you need to do is join TSAA as a member to join in all the fun! We

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Hypocritical attitudes towards disability in the workplace revealed

Hypocritical attitudes towards disability in the workplace revealed Shocking new research reveals a staggering three quarters (76%) of Australians agree that workplaces need to be more inclusive when it comes to hiring people with a disability. However, three quarters (78%) also believe that having a disability leads to discrimination in the workplace. Not ideal for

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