Who we are

TSAA is a volunteer run, membership based organisation, established in 1989 by families and medical professionals who recognised the need for support and awareness in the community for those who have Tourette Syndrome. Today we have hundreds of members throughout Australia. We are currently the only organisation in Australia representing people with TS. Our membership comprises people affected by TS, those who have TS, other support organisations, schools, educators, medical professionals and anyone with an interest in TS.

What we do

TSAA seeks information and support on behalf of its membership. We offer telephone support, email support, social media support through FaceBook facilitation, hold support group meetings, conferences, information sessions, collate, create and disseminate resources and publications, promote advocacy and support for families, educators and medical professionals. We assist and support research into the disorder and publish a quarterly newsletter and represent the TS community in the media to raise awareness. Each year we hold a National Awareness Campaign for Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week in May.

Our Philosophy

The purpose of the Association is to support people with Tourette Syndrome and increase awareness of the disability among medical practitioners, public utilities and the general public. The activities of the Association are all geared towards achieving the stated purpose and include:

  • Support to people with Tourette Syndrome and their families.
  • Gather and circulate to members information regarding Tourette Syndrome and available forms of treatment.
  • Circulate information regarding Tourette Syndrome to doctors, schools and other interested parties.
  • Gain publicity through the media and other outlets about Tourette Syndrome.
  • Raise funds for research into the causes and cure of Tourette Syndrome.
  • Raise funds to assist in the achievement of the above activities.

TSAA Facebook

We have both a public page advertising TSAA activities as well as a closed group for discussions. If people are interested in these, they simply need to search for Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia (in full) in Facebook and they will find us.

The link for the TSAA page is

The link to the TSAA discussion group is

This is a social group designed for TSAA members & their friends & family. Members of the public are also welcome to join.

While this group is free to join & use, we encourage anyone interested to also become an official TSAA member for a small joining fee. By signing up as an official TSAA member, you will also get access to the TSAA quarterly newsletters where we disseminate activities and information throughout the year.

Whilst Facebook is a powerful social media tool for the sharing and dissemination of information, as a courtesy we remind you that Facebook is an open forum so please be mindful of what you post. The ideas and expressions presented on facebook are NOT necessarily representative of the TSAA.

Administrators have the ability to ban people or remove them from the group if they make inappropriate posts.

We have multiple administrators, so if you have any problems please let us know.


TSAA creates, gathers, imports and purchases resources on Tourette Syndrome and related conditions.
Download our publications list to order or visit our shop to purchase online.

Telephone Support

(02) 9382 3726

The phones are managed by our phone volunteers. Please leave a message and one of our volunteers WILL return your call.

Our phone volunteers are a vital part of our service and is often the first contact someone has with TSAA, and the first time they talk to someone about TS. To have people who have personal experience and empathy with TS is key here to let them know they are understood and not alone and that TSAA has resources and information that can assist them.

Support Groups

Support groups have been shown to be really helpful in assisting people with TS to manage. Sharing information and strategies can be very good, and of course the acceptance and understanding one can find is a positive thing. Recent research shows that support groups have a beneficial effect on living with TS.

Contact TSAA and let us know your location to find the nearest support group to you.

If you are a TSAA member you can access the current support group details here.

Email Support

Our office and volunteers are available for contact via email. Please email us with any questions, concerns or requests for information.