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Book Donation Nominations

Let us know which organisations you would like a TS book donated to

You may have noticed that our new website is no longer selling books about TS.  This is because they are often readily available to purchase through online book stores, and you can usually get free postage. Instead, we are recommending books and providing links to purchase them on Amazon (you may also find them elsewhere).

That leaves us with a stock of books that we have decided to donate. By donating books about Tourette Syndrome to libraries, health services, child/youth/family services and CAMHS units, particularly in rural and regional areas and remote indigenous communities, we can improve access to information about Tourette Syndrome.

We would like our members to have input into where these donations go, and are asking for your suggestions. All nominations will be reviewed by the TSAA Committe, with the selected organisations being published in our first newsletter for 2024.

Each TSAA member with their own login can nominate up to three organisations by submitting three nomination forms:

The nominations will be open for three weeks, closing 12pm on 3 October 2023. You must be a TSAA member and logged into your account to access the form.  Priority will be given to organisations in regional, rural and remote areas.

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