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Books recomended by our members

NOTE: This list of resources is provided for information purposes only – no recommendation is given or implied. Individuals must always satisfy themselves as to thecredentials or experience of any service providers. The Tourette Syndrome Association ofAustralia Inc. makes no claims on behalf of nor endorses any specific service. Details areprovided as an information resource only and no guarantee of accuracy or efficacy ismade by TSAA Inc.

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Books for Adults (including healthcare professionals and teachers)

The Tourette Syndrome & OCD Checklist — A practical reference for Parents & Teachers

By Susan Connors MEd., 2011

Up-to-date, reliable information about Tourette Syndrome and related disorders for teachers and parents.

Children with TS are often teased and punished for the unusual yet uncontrollable symptoms of their disorder. Academic failure is common. The Tourette Syndrome/OCD Checklist helps parents and teachers to better understand children and youth with TS and/or OCD and provide the support and interventions these children need. Presented in a simple, concise, easy-to-read checklist format, the book is packed with the latest research, practical advice, and information on a wide range of topics.

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By Marea Whitley (TSAA member) 2022

The sory of young girl in the 60s with TS.  Catholic school primary education is a roller coaster ride for Marea Morgan, from her first morning in Kindergarten with kindly Miss Blaine, to her final conflict in Sixth Class with the violent and fierce Mother Mary Macarius. Marea finds her position in the system, but her righteous anger and erratic nature constantly place her in harum-scarum, often hilarious, sometimes painful, predicaments. Marea is dramatic, impulsive: she enjoys; endures; is rewarded; is punished: she inflicts revenge. Based on fact, this riotous account of an eventful childhood is written with warmth and humour. It provides a satirical, yet truthful, insight into the often violent system of Catholic education in Australia in the 1960s.

Available as a free download for Kindle on Amazon: Download for Kindle or Purchase the book from Amazon.


By Stuart Ellis-Myers, 2015

What would you do if, out of the blue, your life turned upside down? What if you went from being a happy, healthy, normal, child, and suddenly became an anxious, depressed, twitchy mess of devastating proportion? This is exactly what happened to Stuart Ellis-Myers.  One of the most gifted and inspiring public speakers on the corporate circuit today, Stuart has used the life lessons learned through years of battling this often emotionally crippling disorder to help countless others to overcome their own challenges and fears. It would be easy to categorize this as “just another self-help book”, but it is so much more. This is the story of a man who refused to accept other people’s “truths”. It is the story of a man who chose to, not only survive but become UNSTOPPABLE. So, if Stuart can overcome the ravages of Tourettes Syndrome, and all of the disabling mental conditions that so often accompany it, and become remarkably successful in both his keynote speaker career and his personal life . . . what is holding any of us back from achieving our dreams?

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A Family’s Guide to Tourette Syndrome

By M.d John T. Walkup (Editor), 2012

Providing authoritative and up-to-date medical and scientific information about Tourette syndrome, A Family's Guide to Tourette Syndrome speaks to patients, families, care providers, academic institutions, and medical centers in easy-to-understand language about this neurodevelopmental disorder that affects children, adolescents, and adults worldwide. Each chapter is authored by leading neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, scientists, and others with expertise and research interests in Tourette syndrome.

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COPING WITH TOURETTE SYNDROME: A workbook for kids with Tic Disorders

By Sandra Buffolano, 2008

This professional edition includes both the Instant Help book and a companion CD that offers the complete book and printable worksheets for your clients. Tics are a fact of life for kids with Tourette Syndrome (TS) and related disorders. And for most kids, the symptoms of their disorder aren't even the most frustrating part-others' reactions can make children feel anxious and extremely self-conscious.

This practical workbook includes forty activities to help kids with TS, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) understand, prepare for, and mask their tics. Kids will also learn how to best explain their tics to friends and curious strangers using humor, games, or brief scripts they have prepared.

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Where There Is No Child Psychiatrist

By Valsamma Eapen, 2012

Mental health problems and worries are common among infants, children and adolescents in every part of the world. This book is a practical manual for primary healthcare professionals, teachers and anyone who works with children - especially in places where specialist psychiatric care is not available.

Available free of charge through the Royal College of Psychiatrists as a PDF or as Epub book:

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Tourette Syndrome the Facts

By Mary Robertson and Andrea Cavanna, 2009

Tourette's Syndrome (TS) is an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder affecting up to 1% of the population. It is characterised by motor and vocal tics, and upsetting anti-social behaviour such as involuntary swearing and obscene gestures.

This second edition of Tourette Syndrome: The Facts explains the causes of the syndrome, how it is diagnosed, and how to cope if you or a relative has been recently diagnosed. It provides information on the treatment and therapies that are available, and advice and on how individuals can manage their symptoms. It clearly explains the different presentations that can affected individuals, covering a spectrum from very mild to more uncommon severe forms of TS, and also discusses disorders that can be mistaken for TS.

This edition contains a new chapters focussing on 'Education, employment and empowerment', and famous and successful people who achieved their goals despite their diagnosis.

Essential reading for people with Tourette's, their relatives and friends, Tourette's Syndrome: The Facts will also be of use to clinicians, GPs, schoolteachers, and anyone seeking an accessible introduction to the disorder.

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The Yipping Tiger

By Perminder Sachdev, 2010

This fascinating collection of case studies from neuropsychiatrist Perminder Sachdev offers unparalleled insight into the intricate processes of the human brain. From golfer’s yip (involuntary wrist movements) and Tourette’s syndrome to phantom limbs and anorexia nervosa, these case studies reveal the latest research on brain disorders and injuries as well as the challenges they pose for both doctor and patient. Drawn from decades of treating patients, these ten stories include some of the author’s most difficult and rewarding cases.

Engagingly written and reflecting both Sachdev's empathy for the patients and his ability to explain complex science, this highly readable book will appeal to anyone interested in the mysterious workings of the human brain.

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The Keeper: A Life Of Saving Goals And Achieving Them

By Tim Howard, 2015

n the summer of 2014, Tim Howard became an overnight sensation after more than ten years as one of America's leading professional soccer players. His record-breaking fifteen saves for the United States national team against Belgium in the World Cup electrified a nation that had only recently woken up to the Beautiful Game after decades of hibernation.

An estimated TV audience of 21 million viewers in the United States watched Howard's heroic performance against the heavily favored Belgians in which he repelled shots with his hands, feet, legs, knees, and even his signature long beard. In this inspiring and candid memoir, the beloved U.S. and Everton goalkeeper opens up for the first time about how a hyperactive kid with Tourette's syndrome from New Jersey defied the odds to become one of the greatest American keepers in history. 

Purchase for Kindle and as a book from Amazon.

Books for young people

Can I tell you about TS?

By Mal Leicester, Julie Collier, Apsley Apsley, 2013

Meet Max - a boy with Tourette syndrome (TS). Max invites readers to learn about Tourette's from his perspective, helping them to understand what tics and triggers are and what it feels like to have TS. He explains how living with TS can sometimes be difficult, and how people around him can help him to feel happy and accepted. This illustrated book is ideal for young people aged 7 upwards, as well as parents, friends, teachers and other professionals working with children with TS. It is also an excellent starting point for family and classroom discussions.

Excellent resource for use for school talks to help explain TS to children and their peers (Primary age).

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Nix Your Tics!: Eliminate Unwanted Tic Symptoms: A How-To Guide for Young People

By Dr. B. Duncan McKinlay CPsych, 2022

"Nix!" is 85 landscape (2-column) pages purposely designed with appeal to challenged youth in mind. Ages 10 & up.

Hey. Got tics? You’re not alone. Up to one in five kids will have at least one tic at some point. Including the guy who wrote this book! Dr. B. Duncan McKinlay, Psychologist (‘Dr. Dunc’) has Tourette Syndrome. That means he’s been living with both motor tics (movements he has a hard time stopping) and phonic tics (noises he has a hard time stopping) for most of his life. He knows firsthand how annoying, embarrassing, misunderstood, painful, and disruptive tics can be. For years he educated people all around the world by means of his presentations and website, and through appearances on television, in magazines, and on film. Now, in Nix Your Tics!, he wants to share with you a well-established, evidence-based practice* he uses to manage tic symptoms in both himself and in his patients.

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The Keeper: The Unguarded Story of Tim Howard Young Readers' Edition

By Tim Howard, 2015

In this heartwarming and candid memoir, Tim Howard opens up for the first time about how a hyperactive kid from New Jersey with Tourette’s Syndrome defied the odds to become one of the world’s premier goalkeepers. Howard managed his condition well enough to be drafted by Major League Soccer right out of high school.

After a successful 15 year professional soccer career, Howard became an overnight star this past summer in Brazil. His heroic performance in goal for the US against Belgium, in which he saved an astonishing 16 shots—the most for any goalkeeper in a World Cup game-made him a household name as well as a trending Internet meme. In the course of 120 minutes, Howard went from a player known mainly by soccer aficionados to an American icon, revered by millions for his dependability, daring, and humility.

In this uplifting memoir now adapted for young readers and now in paperback, Howard shares his remarkable journey from a challenging childhood in which he was raised by a single mother who instilled in him a love of sports and a deep faith that helped him deal with the onset of Tourette’s in fifth grade.

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