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Policies & Procedures

How our organisation is run

The TSAA wants to make sure that everyone can access information about the services that we provide, how we do our work, how you can access our programs and services and what you can expect if you choose to access those programs or services. 

We encourage you to provide feedback and help us to improve our programs and services.

Work Health and Safety Policy

This Policy outlines how the TSAA aims to provide a safe and healthy work environment that is free from workplace injury and illness.  It applies to all volunteers, staff and contractors of the TSAA, as well as members and visitors.

Child Safety Code of Conduct

We are committed to having an environment that is safe for all children, where child abuse and harm are not tolerated. Child safety is a priority for the TSAA and the prevention and reporting of abuse is supported and encouraged. All staff, volunteers and contractors are responsible for promoting the safety, wellbeing and empowerment of children. The TSAA recognises that discrimination can harm children and we treat all children with dignity and respect. This Code of Conduct sets our expectations for positive child safe behaviours that we ask staff, volunteers and contractors to demonstrate. It also identifies behaviours that we consider unacceptable and not permitted in the organisation. This helps children participate safely in our events and services and have fun.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy sets out the basis upon which TSAA will process any Personal Information that TSAA collects from you, or that you provide to TSAA.  Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand TSAA’s views and practices regarding your Personal Information and how TSAA will treat it.

Child Safety & Wellbeing Policy

This Policy outlines how the TSAA prioritises the safety and wellbeing of children and what steps we will take to do this.  The policy applies to all staff, volunteers, Committee members, children and other individuals involved in our organisation. It applies to all activities – support groups, camps, Facebook groups, phone support, mentoring, conferences, school visits – conducted by the TSAA.

Child Safety & Wellbeing Incidents & Complaints Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to set out the principles that the TSAA has adopted for the management of incidents and complaints received in relation to allegations of child abuse and harm. The procedure describes the incident and complaint handling process and applies to all TSAA staff, volunteers and contractors, TSAA members, their children and families, and any other individuals involved with the TSAA.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

This Policy outlines how the TSAA complies with all of its equal employment opportunity obligations under the relevant legislation.  It applies to the recruitment, appointment, development and training, and performance assessment of employees and volunteers.

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