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Annual TS Awareness Week

Raising awareness and focussing on issues in the TS Community

Each year the TSAA holds a National Awareness Week. In the lead up to Awareness week we encourage everyone to do one thing to help spread the message.  Previously held in May, from 2024 the TSAA will run it's Awareness Week campaign in the first week of June to coincide with International Awareness Weeks.  Awareness Week 2024 will be held from 2 - 8 June, coinciding with International Touretee Syndrome Awareness day on 7 June.

Ideas to get involved in Awareness Week include:

  • Calling your local radio station and newspaper to include a notice or interview
  • Sharing our social media files
  • Putting our flyer in the school/work newsletter
  • Put up a flyer at your local medical centre, school, workplace notice board or library
  • Delivering TSAA brochures to doctors, allied health professionals and other organisations in your community
  • Hold a "Wear Teal for Tourettes" awareness day at your school or workplace
  • Donate a book on TS to your local or school library
  • Hold a BBQ or cake stall at your local hardware store, supermarket or similar location to raise funds (and awareness) for TSAA
  • Do a talk on TS at your local community group (Rotary, Lions Club, Probus etc)

Contact our office for assistance with brochures, posters or flyers. Awareness week is intended to make us stop, think and understand more about Tourette Syndrome.

Heart shaped collage of TS Awareness Week media tiles over the years

History of Awareness Week

2023 - What's Your First Response?

2022 - Inequality in the Classroom

2021 - 'Tic' the Box in the Workplace

2020 - Pandemic Resources

2019 - 30th Anniversary

2018 - Eat Sleep Tic Repeat

2017 - Take 5 for TS

2016 - Every Brain Tics Differently

2015 - I'm Just Like You

2014 - It's Not What You Think, 25th Anniversary

2013 - Hang on a Tic

2012 - Hang on a Tic

2011 - Free Primary School Resources

2010 - Hang on a Tic

2009 - Comorbidities

2008 - I'm Just Like You in Every Other Way

2007 - I Can't Stop

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