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Organisations providing legal support

NOTE: This list of resources is provided for information purposes only – no recommendation is given or implied. Individuals must always satisfy themselves as to thecredentials or experience of any service providers. The Tourette Syndrome Association ofAustralia Inc. makes no claims on behalf of nor endorses any specific service. Details areprovided as an information resource only and no guarantee of accuracy or efficacy ismade by TSAA Inc.

If you have a recommendation for a resource that could be included here, please contact us.

Australian Centre for Disability Law

We promote and protect the human and legal rights ofpeople with disability and their supporters through legaladvocacy. Our services include providing free legal advice,taking on selected casework, assisting with referrals,delivering Community Legal Education, and undertaking law reform and projects.


Phone: 1800 800 708 or 02 7229 0061


Legal Aid ACT

Legal Aid ACT helps people in the ACT with their legalproblems, especially people who are socially or economicallydisadvantaged. We can help in criminal law, family law andsome civil law matters.


Phone: 02 6243 3411


Legal Aid NSW

If you have a legal problem in NSW, Legal Aid NSW is here to help you.  Anyone in NSW can contact our team at LawAccess NSW. Information officers can provide you with legal information and identify services inyour area who can help you.


Phone: 1300 888 529

Legal Aid Western Australia

Legal Aid WA aims to promote access to legal services and informationfor all West Australians.


Infoline: 1300 650 579

Legal Yarn (first nations callers): 1800 319 803

Legal Services Commission of South Australia

The Commission seeks to give all South Australians equal access to justice through the legal system, providing free legal information, legal advice and legal education to all. To those most in need, legal representation is also provided, principally in the areas of criminal law and family law, including child support and child protection.


Phone: 1300 366 424

Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission

We offer a range of services for the NT community, including legal information, legal advice, representation, family dispute resolution, and education services.


Legal Aid Helpline: 1800 019 343  

Queensland Legal Aid

We give legal help to financially disadvantaged people about criminal, family and civil law matters.


Legal information line: 1300 65 11 88  

Tasmania Legal Aid

Our purpose is to provide legal services to help Tasmanians understand their rights, navigate the system to resolve their legal issues, and get the assistance they need, support and advocate for vulnerable and marginalised Tasmanians, and work with our clients, staff, legal partners and community to improve the legal system.


Phone: 1300 366 611   

Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission

Everyone deserves fair treatment. However, the majority of complaints to the Commission are about people being treated unfairly because of their disability. Considering that most people will have a disability at some stage because of injury, illness or ageing, we should be making sure society is more welcoming to people of all abilities. Victoria has laws to protect people with disability from discrimination, and to ensure that everyone can contribute meaningfully to society.


Victoria Legal Aid

Victoria Legal Aid helps people with their legal problems. We offer legal representation, family dispute resolution and non-legal advocacy tothose who need it most. We provide legal information, legal advice, and education with a focus on prevention and early resolution of legal problems.


Legal help line: 1300 792 387 

If any changes are required to this list, i.e. the resource no longer exists or details have changed, please let us know.

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