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Research opportunities

Opportunities to particpate in TS research projects

NOTE: The TSAA makes no representations about the research opportunities listed here.  It is up to individuals to determine themselves whether the research opportunity is suitbale for them.

The background to this Association is that Tourette Syndrome is a little known disability that afflicts a percentage of Australia's population.

Many people with TS go through life without having their disorder properly diagnosed. Many also suffer discrimination in schooling, housing and employment because the symptoms of their disorder are not recognised by teachers, doctors or employers. The Association aims to increase awareness of this disorder to help sufferers to live a normal life, gain public acceptance and to assist medical research into the disorder.

As such our activities support research into Tourette Syndrome and available forms of treatment.  The TSAA also supports raising funds for research into the causes and cure for Tourette Syndrome.

There are currently no research opportunities available.  Become a member to be notified of potential suitable research programs that you can become involved in.

If any changes are required to this list, i.e. the research opportunites no longer exists, opportunities we don't have listed or details that have changed, please contact us.

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