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Talent over Tourettes

Free resource kit for families, teachers and counsellors

NOTE: This list of resources is provided for information purposes only – no recommendation is given or implied. Individuals must always satisfy themselves as to thecredentials or experience of any service providers. The Tourette Syndrome Association ofAustralia Inc. makes no claims on behalf of nor endorses any specific service. Details areprovided as an information resource only and no guarantee of accuracy or efficacy ismade by TSAA Inc.

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The "Talent over Tourettes" resource kit consists of an activity kit for use by families, teachers and counsellors as a tool to encourage personal development. The kit includes 4 posters, a spin wheel and game. The aim of the game is to engage and encourage discovery of interests and hobbies via questions and answers leading to finding their ‘Talent over Tourettes’ to assist children with Tourette Syndrome to raise self-esteem and success through hyperfocus. When a person with TS is absorbed in a task requiring focus their tics often subside. This state of hyperfocus can provide relief from tics and help the child experience success.

Download the free Talent over Tourettes resource kit

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