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Diagnostic framework and treatment pathway for Tourette Syndrome

Despite its prevalence, TS remains widely misunderstood, leading to delayed or inaccurate diagnoses and inadequate treatment options. It is essential to address these gaps by establishing a standardised diagnostic framework and treatment pathway for TS in Australia. This comprehensive approach will not only facilitate early identification and intervention but also ensure that individuals with TS receive the appropriate support and care they need. 

Please join our campaign by letting your local Member of Parliament and Senator, know how important funding a TS diagnostic framework and treatment pathway is.

To take part in this campaign:

  1. Download the campaign letter template, add your local MP's/Senator's name at the top and your name and constituency/town at the bottom of the letter, then sign it.  Also feel free to add a few additional sentences about your personal circumstances and why this is important to you.
  2. Search for your MP/Senator here.  Once you have found your MP/Senator, click on their name then the "Connect" tab for a link to their website and their email or contact details.  
  3. Send your completed letter to them via email or other contact details.
  4. Also consider posting a copy of your signed letter to your MP.
  5. You are also able to write to any other MP, such as the Prime Minister or Treasurer., or any of the Senators.

Image of an envelope with a letter and the TSAA logo.  Unerneath is "Dear Member of Parliament/Senator" and a "Campaign" buttin.

You may not receive a reply, especially to form letters or emails. A proper letter sent in the mail to your local Member is more likely to receive a reply.

The more voices we have, the greater our chances of being noticed and receiving the funding we need.  Please encourage your family and friends to take part in the campaign as well.

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