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NOTE: This list of resources is provided for information purposes only – no recommendation is given or implied. Individuals must always satisfy themselves as to thecredentials or experience of any service providers. The Tourette Syndrome Association ofAustralia Inc. makes no claims on behalf of nor endorses any specific service. Details areprovided as an information resource only and no guarantee of accuracy or efficacy ismade by TSAA Inc.

If you have a recommendation for a resource that could be included here, please contact us.

Ticced Off!

An investigation into the societal perceptions and stigma that surround Tourette Syndrome and the effect this has on those who live with the disorder.

By Estelle Winders

Download the full article here.

Tourette's With Dignity: Don't TIC Me Off

By Dr Paul Sandor, Dr Mary Robertson, Stuart Ellis-Myers
(aka ‘twitchy’), Dr Sharon Chung and Dr Colin Shapiro 

Tourette Syndrome is much more common than was previously appreciated.  There are now effective medical and behavioural treatments and the management should ideally include a team of parents, teachers, administrators, nurses, doctors, psychologists and other patients with the disorder.  We hope this booklet is a good start to providing you with the information you need. 

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Living with Tourette Syndrome - One Teenager's Viewpoint

By Adam Seligman

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Tic Disorders and Learning Disability: Clinical Characteristics, Cognitive Performance and Comorbidity (Australasian Journal of Special Education)

By Valsamma Eapen, Rudi Črnčec, Sarah McPherson and Corina Snedden, 2013

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