About TSAA

TSAA is a non-profit, self-funded, registered charity run by volunteers — consisting of people with TS, their families, health and education professionals and other interested and concerned people.

The association disseminates educational materials in the fields of health care, education and welfare service, provides telephone counselling and operates support groups. We support parent advocacy and other services to help families cope with problems that may occur with TS. The association publishes a quarterly newsletter.

We continue to work towards seeking better treatments and improving the overall quality of life for people with TS.

Executive Committee for 2020–2021

President: Mandy Maysey
Vice President: Robyn Latimer OAM
Treasurer: Megan Gay
Secretary: Diane Schubert
Executive Committee Members: Anthony Woods, Rebecca Brackin, Diane Schubert, Hayley Elford, Lydia Roberts, Sandra Gleeson

Description of positions on Management Committee

The President chairs all meetings of the TSAA and of the Committee, represents the TSAA on all occasions requiring official representation, is the TSAA’s spokesperson on all matters relating to the activities and business of TSAA, presents to members at the Annual General Meeting a report in writing regarding any events that have significantly affected the state of affairs of the TSAA during the preceding year, is the ex-officio member of all sub-committees which may be appointed.

The Vice President assists the President in the discharge of his/her duties and in the absence of the President acts in his/her place.

The Secretary attends and, in the absence of a Minutes Secretary, takes minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the TSAA and of the Committee and enters minutes in minutes book, circulates copies of minutes to members of the Committee and, in consultation with the President, prepares an agenda for meetings, issues notices of meetings of the TSAA and the Committee, keeps a copy of the Constitution and of any amendments.

The Treasurer collects and receives all monies on behalf of the TSAA and gives receipts when required, deposits all monies in banking accounts, maintains the accounting system for all monies received and disbursed and for all properties, assets and liabilities of the TSAA, makes payment of accounts by cheque, internet and phone banking, prepares periodical financial statements and presents them to the Committee, keeps all vouchers for all monies expended and received by the TSAA. The Treasurer prepares all documentation for the annual financial audit.

The Minutes Secretary attends and takes minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the TSAA and of the Committee, enters minutes in a minutes book and circulates copies of minutes to members of the Committee.

The General Committee Member supports the Committee in managing and conducting the affairs of the TSAA. The General Committee Member attends Committee meetings, votes on particular issues as they arise, and generally contributes to development of TSAA policy.