The background to this Association is that Tourette Syndrome is a little known disability that afflicts a percentage of Australia's population.

Many people with TS go through life without having their disorder properly diagnosed.  Many also suffer discrimination in schooling, housing and employment because the symptoms of their disorder are not recognised by teachers, doctors or employers.  The Association aims to increase awareness of this disorder to help sufferers to live a normal life, gain public acceptance and to assist medical research into the disorder.

As such our activities support research into Tourette Syndrome and available forms of treatment.

Current supported projects are listed below.

TSAA also supports raising funds for research into the causes and cure for Tourette Syndrome.

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Call for members to join a Research Database

TSAA are building an electronic database of members who are willing to be invited to participate in research in the field of TS. This research may be conducted directly by TSAA, or on behalf of organisations approved by the TSAA committee (e.g. universities). The research subject matter will vary and those on the database might be invited to participate in anything from a casual group discussion to a university-funded study. You might be somebody with TS, or a parent, partner or other close relation of somebody with TS.

There is no pressure to participate if you are on the database and your personal details and research responses will be confidential unless you agree otherwise. The database will be owned by TSAA.


Add your name to our database

New research study: Medical cannabis to treat Tourette Syndrome in adolescents

Researchers are looking for adolescents aged 12 to 18 years with severe Tourette Syndrome to trial a new medication to treat tics – Medical cannabis. The study will be conducted by Professor Valsamma Eapen and team at the Liverpool Hospital in Sydney. If you think that you may be eligible, please contact Feroza Khan 0491 057 307 for further information about this study starting in February 2022.

This study has been approved by the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN) HREC(approval number: 2021/ETH11096).  If you have any concerns or complaints about any aspect of the project or the way it is being conducted, you may contact the Executive Officer of the SCHN HREC on (02) 9845 1253 or


Genetic Study of Tourette Syndrome

Australian researchers and colleagues of TSA Australia are conducting a research project into the genetics of Tourette Syndrome. This project is being advertised to all current and past members of the TSA Australia and with the support of the TSA Australia.
Information for Participants

You are invited to participate in a study evaluating genes that have been linked to Tourette Syndrome. This study aims to further understanding of the genetic mechanisms involved in this condition.

The study is being conducted by:
Prof. Valsamma Eapen, Professor and Chair of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatry, UNSW;
Prof. Perminder Sachdev, Professor of Neuropsychiatry, UNSW; and
Dr. Raymond Clarke, Principal Scientific Officer, St George Hospital.

Who can participate in the research?
Individuals with Tourette Syndrome who are aged over 8 years.

For further details please contact Professor Valsamma Eapen, Level 1, Mental Health Centre, Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool, NSW 2170, Tel: +61 2 9616 4205, Fax: +61 2 9601 2773