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Awareness Week 2019

Celebrate 30 years of TSAA!

In 2019 we celebrated 30 years of the TSAA.  To mark our 30th Anniversary, we launched a new app for schools to help break the stigma of Tourette Syndrome.

Two-thirds of Australians (64%) believed more needed to be done to educate children in schools about Tourette Syndrome, as our research revealed one in four (23%) had never heard of the condition.  The research revealed the obstacles those with Tourette Syndrome are confronted with daily, with a staggering three-quarters (73%) of Australians expecting them to be bullied for being different.

As just 15% of parents had taught their children about the condition, our campaign highlighted the need for further education on Tourette Syndrome. Due to the lack of education, some of the most common misconceptions included that tics were simply nervous habits (57%), Tourette Syndrome affects a child’s ability to learn in school (53%) and the condition is simply shouting obscenities (23%). While Tourette Syndrome does impact access to learning, it does not affect intelligence.

Note: Tac'Tics was discontinued in 2023.

30th Anniversary Celebrate 30 Years of TSAA

Free Programme for schools TAC'TICS

TS does not affect intelligence, so why is the school functioning score less than half the average?

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